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My Home Built Rose Engine Lathe

For many years I've been fascinated with the Rose Engine Lathe. After many hours of research and several months of design and construction my Rose Engine Lathe is up and running. Can't say it's finished because on-going enhancements and modifications are planned.

For several years I've been collecting material for the lathe. The one part I was having design issues with was the headstock. In the summer of 2013 I was prowling through the surplus metal at a machine shop in Bridgewater, VA and found a piece of extruded aluminum rectangle tube, 6" X 4" with .5" walls, this fit the bill perfectly. With the headstock problem solved I began to get serious about starting the final design and construction. The lathe is operational as I continue to work on it and experimenting with it.

The following photos and text describes the process of building this lathe.

This page will be updated with more details and photos soon

Bowl Lathe 90
This photo shows the finished Rose Engine Lathe:

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