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Montpelier Cedar of Lebanon Pen Blanks (Set of 5)

Set of 5 Montpelier Cedar of Lebanon Pen Blanks with 5 COAs.

Each Pen Blanks measure approximately 7/8 inch X 5 1/2 inches, each pen blank will have small variations in the wood grain and color. Each piece of wood is selected to show the wood of the Cedar of Lebanon Tree at it's best.

These pen blanks are from the wood of a Cedar of Lebanon Tree, circa 1850s, that stood next to the formal garden gate at James Madisonís Montpelier Estate. After unsuccessful attempts to save the tree it was removed in July 2019. President James Madison was known to have planted Cedar of Lebanon trees on the grounds of Montpelier Estate. A local tradition says that three Cedars of Lebanon were a gift from France to President Madison presented by Lafayette during his visit to Montpelier in 1824.

Montpelier Cedar of Lebanon Tree

Montpelier Cedar of Lebanon Pen Blanks (Set of 5)    

Item Number:  PB101

Price:  $50.00

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