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Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree Pen Blanks (Set of 5

Set of 5 "Stonewall" Jackson Prayer Tree Pen Blanks with 5 COAs.

Each Pen Blanks measure approximately 7/8 inch X 5 1/2 inches, each pen blank will have small variations in the wood grain and color. Each piece of wood is selected to show the wood of the Tree at it's best.

During the civil war, General “Stonewall” Jackson stopped to pray under this massive white oak tree following the end of his Shenandoah Valley campaign in May and June of 1862. Jackson and his men, encamped between the Middle and South Rivers, also gathered for prayer beneath this tree, so in Shenandoah Valley lore, it became known as the “Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree.”

Over time this 350 year-old tree stood proudly on the edge of a farm field (located near Mt. Meridian in Augusta County, Grottoes, Virginia) until May 27, 2011, when the diseased-weakened oak was blown down by high winds.

In order to preserve the authenticity of items made from this tree, a card will be included with each item designating that the item is made from the wood of the "Stonewall" Jackson Prayer Tree and includes a brief history of the tree.

Go to "Stonewall" Jackson Prayer Tree for more information about the tree.

Stonewall Jackson Prayer Tree Pen Blanks (Set of 5    

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