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James Madison's Montpelier


James Madison's Montpelier:

Located in Orange County, Virginia, Montpelier was the plantation home of the Madison family, including James Madison, the “Father of the American Constitution” and fourth president of the United States, and his wife Dolley.

Cedar of Lebanon

Photo by Ron Cogswell

This Cedar of Lebanon Tree, circa 1850s, stood next to the formal garden gate at Montpelier Estate. After unsuccessful attempts to save the tree it was removed in July 2019.

President James Madison was known to have planted Cedar of Lebanon trees on the grounds of Montpelier Estate. The Local lore says that three Cedars of Lebanon were a gift from France to President Madison presented by Lafayette during his visit to Montpelier in 1824.

Cedrus libani, the cedar of Lebanon or Lebanese cedar, is a species of tree in the pine family Pinaceae, native to the mountains of the Eastern Mediterranean basin. It is a large evergreen conifer that has great religious and historical significance in the cultures of the Middle East, and is referenced many times in the literature of ancient civilisations. It is the national emblem of Lebanon and is widely used as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens.
Cedar of Lebanon Removal

The Cedar of Lebanon tree being removed in July 2019. The tree was so large that it was slabed onsite to make it easier to haul.
Pickup Load Cedar of Lebanon

I was fortunate to obtain some of the Cedar of Lebanon wood while the tree was being removed.

Here's my pick-up with a load of the Cedar of Lebanon wood. You can see the formal garden wall in the background and large pieces of the Cedar of Lebanon tree limbs in the foreground.
Cedar of Lebanon Bells

I made this natural edge rim bowl with a piece of Cedar of Lebanon crotch wood. The bowl was donated to Montpelier.
SVBF Winchester Event

Photo by Montpelier

Christmas Ornaments are one of the top sellers at the Montpelier Visitor Center and Museum Shop.

This is a Cedar of Lebanon Christmas Bell that I made from the wood of the above tree. These Bells are also availabe in their online shop:   Christmas Ornaments Cedar of lebanon Bells,

Each ornament is unique and approximately 4 inches in height.
Cedar of Lebanon Pens

Photo by Montpelier

Ballpoint pens made with historic woods from James Madison's Montpelier are another top seller.

These Pens are made with wood from the Cedar of Lebanon and are available in the Museum Shop and online:   Cedar of Lebanon Ballpoint Pens,

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