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10 Inch Osage Orange Pepper Mill

This beautiful pepper mill is made from an Osage Orange tree that was removed during the restoration of an 18th century mansion in Culpeper County, VA.

Osage Orange (Bois D’Arc, Bodark or Hedge Apple) is a very hard and decay resistant wood. It was used by the Osage Indians to make bows and was widely planted in hedge rows during the dust bowl to control wind erosion.

The made in the USA pepper mill mechanism features a machined stainless steel grinding mechanism and is one of the finest available.

The grind is adjustable from course to fine by turning the knurled knob on the top. A spring mechanism makes the grinder setting smooth and consistent.

10 Inch Osage Orange Pepper Mill    

Item Number:  PM111001

Price:  $85.00


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